Monitoring Iran's Social Media

Iranians love interacting with others. Whether it’s about news or reviews or recommending a product or service to each other, they love to live online. Currently, there are thousands of active channels and groups on Telegram which specialize in different areas of consumer products, lifestyle, health and fitness, politics, economy and social issues, while Twitter stays relevant as the sole provider of views on social/political/economy breaking news. Other popular interactive platforms include Instagram, which inclines mainly towards lifestyle and consumer products, and comments sections of popular specialty websites, particularly for technology, business, and industry.

Telegram is the preferred social messaging app for Iranians. More than 20 million Iranians regularly use Telegram to get the latest news, join interest groups and contact each other. 

When we pick up a social media monitoring project, we do consider all that. There are dead areas in the social media in Iran, such as Forums or Facebook which are losing users by the hour, while the above-mentioned platforms are boiling with ideas and feedbacks. The changing trends of social media consumption in Iran are all taken into account by our team.


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